Johnnie “MAK” Walters Jr., better known as Stackwell is an American Rapper who is the FIRST music artist in Seattle, Washington’s History to produce, record, and release a #1 Underground Album from prison while fighting to overcome a 17-year sentence for returning fire in a shootout caught on camera at a South Seattle gas station

Though considered a very STREET orientated “Gangster Rapper” with controversial Mob-Style stories of Hustling, Incarceration, and Surviving on his own since 14-years old -Stackwell has made his mark on society by using his records and videos to raise money and awareness for Missing and Exploited Children as well as The American Cancer Society. He’s also been very outspoken on justice reform, civil unrest, and pandemic-health concerns within our communities.

The self-titled debut album S.T.A.C.K.W.E.L.L. shows his name as an acronym (S.teadilyT.akin’ A. Chance K. nowin’ W.hatE.ncompassesL.ivin’ L.arge) representing views on taking risks for success. After securing Worldwide Distribution for his Out Seekin’ Cash Records, Mr. Walters has been responsible for sharing Northwest talent through numerous avenues.